Ashkum Sesquicentennial Parade
**with the "THEME of**
"Looking to the Future, Honoring the Past"

August 26, 2006 - 11:00 AM

The parade consisted of floats, bands, vehicles, individuals, and sooo much more. We had over 120 entries for the parade which was led by
Grand Marshal Wayne Meier

Check out Paul Norie's picture page



If you have pictures from the parade that you'd like to share,
please send them to Nick Ponton



The parade starts at the corner of E. Main and 6th street then proceeds west on Main. The route takes a left turn to head south on 5th street then a right to head west down Lake St. At Rt. 45, the parade will take another right and proceed north back to E. Main St for a block before a left hand turn on 2nd to head north for a block. A right hand turn on Washington sends the route back east for two blocks before heading north on 4th street. After a two block trek, the route heads east again on Charles for two blocks before turning south on 6th where the parade will end at the corner of 6th and Main.