Annual Budget & Appropriation Ordinance
Ashkum Township Fire Protection District
An Ordinance Setting Forth The Budget and Making
Appropriations of Sums of Money For All of the Necessary
Expenditures of the Ashkum Township Fire Protection
District of Iroquois County, Illinois for the Corporate
Purposes for the Fiscal Year Beginning the
1st Day of May 2008, and Ending the 30th Day of April, 2009

WHEREAS, there has been prepared in tentative form a Budget and Appropration Ordinance for the ASHKUM TOWNSHIP Fire Protection Distrcit of Iroquois County, Illinois and the Secretary of said Fire Protection District has made the tentative Budget and Appropriation Ordinace conveniently available for public inspection for at least one week prior to final action therefof.

AND WHEREAS, a public hearing was held as to such Budget and Appropriation Ordinance on the 9th day of June, 2008, at 6:30 PM. Notice of which was given at least one week prior thereto by publication and all other legal requirements have been complied with.


Section 1. That the fiscal year for thie Fire Protection District and the same is hereby fixed and declared to be from the 1st day of May 2008, to the 30th day of April 2009.

Section 2. That the following budget, containing an estimate of the cash expected to be received by said Fire Protection District during such fiscal year, and a statement of the expected cash to be on hand at the end of the year, be, and the same is hereby adopted as the Budget of said Fire Protection District for the said fiscala year and shall be in full forece and effect from and after said date.

Section 3. That the following sum or sums of money, or so much thereof as may be authorized by law, be and the same is hereby appropriated for the objects and purposes specified to defray all expenses and liabilities of the ASHKUM TOWNSHIP Fire Protection Distrcit for the fiscal year May 1, 2008 to April 30 2009.

  1. Administration Expense Fund

    1. a. Printing, postage and misc. office supply                        1,750.00
    2. b. Publication expenses                                                        625.00
    3. c. Membership dues, IL Assoc of Fire Prot. Dist.                 625.00
    4. d. Convention expenses                                                       700.00


  2. Fire Equipment and Supplies Fund
    1. a. Payment on contracts for purchase of equipment          30,700.00
    2. b. For Repairs, additions and impovements to fire equip.   6, 300.00
    3. c. For maintenance expense of fire equipment                    8,100.00
    4. d. For operation expenses of fire equipment                       5,350.00


  3. Salary Fund
    1. a. For salaries of Trustees                                                 1,450.00
    2. b. for compensation of Treasurer of District                          950.00
    3. c. For salaries of firemen & misc. employees, including
                                             legal fees                                    7,900.00
    4. d. For chief's salary                                                           1,200.00
    5. e. For asst. chief's salary                                                   1,000.00


  4. Building Fund
    1. a. For improvement to building                                        22,575.00
    2. b. For maintenance of buildings                                         8,175.00
    3. c. For new buildings                                                          4,125.00


  5. Contingent Fund
    1. a. For misc & contingent general expenses not
          included in any of the above including such items as
          bond premiums, for other than liability & workman's
          compensation ins. etc.                                                   9,100.00
    2. b. For telephone charges                                                   3,350.00


  6. Ambulance Fund
    (For the provision of Ambulance service, pursuant to
      70 ILCS 705/22 (formery Sec. 38-5, Ch. 127 1/2 Ill.
       Rev. Stat.), and passage of referendum)                               44,500.00
  7. Liability Insurance (For purchase of liability ins. pursuant to
        745 ILCS 10/9-107 (formerly Ch. 85, Sec. 9-107,
         Ill Rev. Statue) seperate from the appropriation for
         general purposes)                                                                9,800.00

TOTAL AMOUNT APPROPRIATED                                 $168,275.00

Section 4. That the funds derived from sources other than the 2008 tax levy may be alloted by the Board of Trustees of such appropriations and in such amounts, respectively, as said Board may determine within the limits of appropriations, respectively.

Section 5. That the unexpended balance of any item or items of any appropriation made by this Ordinance may be expended in making up any deficiency in any item or items in the same general appropriation made by this Ordinance.

Section 6. That should any clause, sentence, paragraph or part of hereof be declared invalid by a Court of competent jurisdiction, such decision shall not affect the validity of any part other than that declared invalid.

Sectin 7. That this ordinance shall be in force and effect from and after its passage and publication in accordance with law, and the Secretary is ordered to have same published as provided by law

PASSED this 14th day of July, 2008

JEREOME FINEGAN, President, Board of Trustees
ATTEND: Donald R. Hull, Secretary