203 N. Third Street
Phone: 698-2635
Grades: PreK-K

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Ashkum Grade School Report Card

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Ashkum Elementary School is part of Central Community Unit District #4. In the spring of 2002 the Board of Education voted to reorganize the school district into grade level centers. Ashkum Elementary School, now called Ashkum Early Literacy Center, was assigned to be the Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten building. The 1st, 2nd, and 3rd grade students were all assigned to the Chebanse Elementary School. The fourth and fifth graders attend the Clifton Elementary School. Our sixth, seventh, and eighth grade students now attend school at Nash Middle School, while the high school students remained at Central High School.

The main focus of the Ashkum Early Literacy Center will be in the area of early literacy in both reading and mathematics. The school concentrates on early identification and intervention for all students. We are aligning our skill statements to the Early Learning Standards and introduction of Early Elementary Standards. The administrator and a teacher from each level are attending workshops to help lead the school in this mission. Teachers with the help of a consultant are developing and writing skill statements in each learning area.

Parental contact and communication are essential to the success of our school. Teachers maintain weekly contact through class newsletters and the principal communicates at least monthly via a newsletter with all parents. Parental groups meet regularly to help identify and address the needs of their school. Parents as Partners, the Box Top committee, and the Campbell’s Labels committee are avenues where parents are helping. A monthly parent meeting time has been established to help with the communications between the home and school. Parents also have active involvement with Family Fun Nights, conferences, and special events that they plan and carry out.

Each classroom has computers in them and teachers use supplemental software for skill development and review. Each classroom is connected to the Internet for the expanded resources that are available. All students receive contact experience with technology during their instruction at the Ashkum Early Literacy Center. A reading specialist is present at the school to assist students and teachers to master the early literacy skills necessary for future success. A teacher works with the kindergarten daily for introduction to Fine Arts and Motor Development, which is coordinated with regular kindergarten instruction for reading and mathematics readiness.

Ashkum Early Literacy Cetner