Ashkum Village Hall
109 E. Lake St.
Phone: 698-2424

Meeting Times: First Monday and Third Tuesday @ 7:00 pm



MAY 1, 2017


The Ashkum Village Board met Monday, May 1, 2017 @ the village hall. Present were Paul Heideman, Donna Schmitz, Shannon Meier, Jeff Hanson, Jeremy Beherns, Russ Hull and April Lyons. Emily Heideman was also in attendance. Trustee Ed Tholen was not present.

Before regular business could be conducted, the newly elected officials had to be sworn in. As the senior member present, April Lyons gave the official oath to Paul Heideman, President; Donna Schmitz, Clerk; Russell Hull, Trustee, Jeff Hanson, Trustee, and Shannon Meier, Trustee.

President Heideman called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m.

Clerk Donna Schmitz read the minutes of the April 18, 2017 meeting. Russ Hull moved to approve the minutes as amended, seconded by Jeff Hanson and the motion passed.


President Heideman recognized Emily Heideman who was present to discuss painting the fire hydrants. Emily said she read the hydrants need to be painted and asked to be considered if/when a decision is made to paint them. It was determined there are 40 fire hydrants in the village and a discussion followed about how long it would take to paint each hydrant. Jeff Hanson moved to hire Emily Heideman to paint the fire hydrants at a rate of $10 per hour, seconded by Shannon Meier and the motion passed.

President Heideman brought the following before the board for discussion and/or action:


President Heideman reported neither Ben Cox nor Craig Lemenager contacted him with a quote for the concrete work around the veteran’s memorial in the park.


Trustee April Lyons asked if the information from TA Operating d/b/a/ Minit Mart was received and was advised the application was printed after our computer was rebooted. The check, insurance, and application were received via FED EX the next day

Trustee Russ Hull reported he really wants to get the concrete work around the veteran’s memorial completed and if neither of the two contacted have gotten back with quotes; we need to contact someone else. President Heideman reported he had spoken with someone from T & T Construction who suggested a 10’ x 10’ mirror image of what is on the opposite side of the memorial, and to have the job completed in three weeks, would run $2,700. Upon measuring the area, President Heideman reported the actual size is 16’ x 16’and the cost would increase accordingly. Russ Hull moved to hire T & T Construction to do the concrete work around the veteran’s memorial at an additional cost, seconded by Jeff Hanson and the motion passed. Trustee Russ Hull asked if Jackie Glenn, the newly hired utility clerk could attend the next meeting and was advised she will be contacted. Russ would like to discuss with her what reporting she will be asked to present to the board, and to advise her she is not responsible to make calls advising residents their accounts are delinquent. In response to his question, Russ was advised Krystal Alberts had not been asked about the delinquent water bills report. Russ also asked if any discussion had been made about hiring a replacement for Russ Schoon because of the training requirements, and was advised the replacement would probably be hired in September.

Trustee Jeremy Beherns had no report.

Trustee Jeff Hanson asked if we heard any more from Dave Tyson’s regarding his modified estimate for installing a 24” tile from the corners of Fifth and Main Streets. Changes to the original quote were needed, but due to health problems and a death in the family, a new estimate was not available at this time.

President Heideman reported he would talk to our village attorney about what action, if any, that could be taken against a property owner for the condition of their house. Also to be discussed with Nicholas Elliott is whether further action should be taken against the person who has not cleared his property of debris as ordered by the court. The village board had put a hold on action due to the poor health of the offender.

Trustee Shannon Meier had no report.

Clerk Donna Schmitz had no report.

As there was no further business to come before the board Russ Hull moved to adjourn the meeting at 8:12 p.m., seconded by Shannon Meier and the motion passed.

The next scheduled meeting will be Tuesday, May 16, 2017 at the village hall.