Ashkum Village Hall
109 E. Lake St.
Phone: 698-2424

Meeting Times: First Monday and Third Tuesday @ 7:00 pm

Archived Meeting Minutes



OCTOBER 17, 2017

The Ashkum Village Board met Tuesday, October 17, 2017 @ the village hall. Present were Paul Heideman, Donna Schmitz, Ed Tholen, Jeremy Beherns, Russ Hull, and April Lyons. Trustee Shannon Meier was not present. Nicholas Elliott, Village Attorney, Ellen Mikeworth, a member of the Zoning Committee and Arthur Svynbersky, a Comcast representative were also in attendance.

President Heideman called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m.

Clerk Donna Schmitz read the minutes of the October 2, 2017 meeting. Russ Hull moved to approve the minutes as read, seconded by April Lyons and the motion passed.


President Heideman recognized Village Attorney Nicholas Elliott and Comcast Representative Arthur Svynbersky, who were present to discuss the Comcast ordinance and Comcast Franchise Agreement that requires action by the board. Mr. Elliott reported he reviewed the ordinance and the terms are identical to the one we have on file. He continued his report by indicating the only changes in the ordinance was updating dates. Ed Tholen moved to approve Ordinance 2017-04 An Ordinance Authorizing the Execution of a New Cable Television Franchise Agreement for the Operation of a Cable Television System, and give President Heideman authorization to sign The Cable Television Franchise Agreement By And Between the Village of Ashkum And Comcast Of California/Colorado/Illinois/Indiana/Michigan, LP, seconded by Russ Hull and the motion passed unanimously. Mr Svynbersky requested a copy of the agreement be maintained by the village until the agreement is signed by Comcast and mailed to the village.

Mr. Elliott also reported on the following:

President Heideman recognized Ellen Mikeworth, a member of the Planning Commission, who was present to report on activities of their commission and to answer questions the board may have. Ellen indicated she was going to ask if Jeff Hanson would be taking over the zoning administrator since Jim Glenn has retired, but would wait until Village Attorney Nicholas Elliott gave his legal opinion regarding a possible conflict of interest. Ellen reported she would give Ed Tholen the list of properties in disrepair and unlicensed vehicles compiled by members of the Planning Commission.

President Heideman recognized Maintenance Supervisor Russ Schoon who reported on the following:


President Heideman asked Russ Schoon to meet with him regarding the Steve Hemp family’s desire of purchasing a bench for the park in his memory.


Trustee April Lyons reported she had not contacted Sterling Codifiers regarding publishing the Zoning Ordinances on line, but would do so in the near future.

Trustee Russ Hull reported since Utility Clerk Troy Meier was not in attendance, he didn’t know whether any of the delinquent water bills had been paid. Russ also reported he researched ordering a bronze plaque for the back of the memorial and distributed copies of possible options. To have the memorial etched as in option one would cost $1,100 but to laser the flags and etch the bottom half, as in option two, the cost would be $1,700. Discussion followed and Jeremy moved to approve option two at a cost of $1,700, seconded by Ed Tholen and the motion passed. Trustee Russ Hull asked if the corner of Fourth and Fine Streets could be a four way stop citing people are speeding on Fine Street and he’s almost been hit several times. April Lyons moved to approve putting two additional stop signs on that corner, seconded by Russ Hull and the motion passed.

Trustee Jeremy Beherns had no report.

Trustee Ed Tholen had no report.

President Heideman recognized Ed Tholen, Chairman of the Finance Committee who gave the treasurer’s report for September. April Lyons moved to approve the report as read, seconded by Russ Hull and the motion passed. Ed Tholen moved to present the bills to the Finance Committee, seconded by Jeremy Beherns and the motion passed. Finance Chairman Ed Tholen reported expenditure of $15,463.09 in the General Fund, expenditures of $9,815.80 in the Water Works Fund, expenditures of $747.51 in the Road and Bridge Fund, and expenditures of $18,687.70 in the Motor Fuel Fund. Total expenditures for all funds were $44,714.10. Ed Tholen moved to pay all September bills in the usual manner seconded by Russ Hull and the motion passed. Finance Chairman Ed Tholen reported the treasurer cashed in the Drainage Fund CD’s and the money has been put in the General Fund.

Trustee April Lyons asked whether the problem of bills being paid in a timely manner has been corrected yet and was advised the problem still exists. A lengthy discussion followed about what can be done to rectify the problem and a possible solution was to have the attorney come up with a plan for us to follow.

Clerk Donna Schmitz had no report.

As there was no further business to come before the board Jeremy Beherns moved to adjourn the meeting at 8:20 p.m., seconded by Ed Tholen and the motion passed.

The next scheduled meeting will be Monday, November 6, 2017 at the village hall.